If you are always the smartest person in the room...

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という記事の中で、Art of Problem Solving (AoPS)の創立者、
Richard Rusczyk氏の言葉が印象的だったのでメモ。


" Even if standard schools offer advanced placement classes
in calculus, those offerings aren’t rigorous enough for many
of the mathematically precocious kids who come to AoPS,
said Richard Rusczyk, company founder and a winner of the
USA Mathematics Olympiad in 1989.

“They get everything right away. The problems are just too
easy,” he said. Typical AP classes don’t prepare the students
for math courses at places like MIT, he said, where they may
hit the wall of failure for the very first time – and get so
discouraged that they just might quit math or science.

"A key part of challenging the smartest kid in a school, he
added, is exposing him or her to peers who are just as sharp
or even sharper. “I’ll tell kids, if you’re always the smartest
person in the room, you need to find another room,” Rusczyk

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あぁ〜、やっぱり何としてでもProof Schoolへ行かせてあげたいなぁ。

Richard, 良いアドバイスをありがとう。

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アメリカ在住。2e (Gifted & ASD)の子を持つママがこれまでネットや本、ペアトレ、ワークショップなどで収集してきたギフテッド/2Eに関する情報や、我が家が実際体験したギフテッド関連の事などを記録しています。My 2e kidのカテでは息子の自慢話も盛りだくさんですので、親バカ恐怖症の方は要注意!

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